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China Clay/ Kaolin
China Clay/ Kaolin is chemically a Hydrous Aluminum Silicate with Al4[Si4O10](OH)8. It is also known as China Clay. It is a naturally occurring platty mineral and has a major content of Alumina called Kaolinite.Kaolinite has a low shrink-swell capacity and a low cation exchange capacity,It is produced by the chemical weathering of aluminium silicate minerals like feldspar. It is soft white clay of variable but usually low plasticity, and dry strength that retains its white color when fired. It consists partly of crystalline and partly of amorphous material.
We at Khandela Minerals using specialized processing methods has developed a verity of levigated kaolin,with controlled particle size and moisture level our grade of kaolin provides an excellent tinting strength, Improves homogeneity, resin extension and partial replacement of Titanium Di Oxide.
Our Grades Of China Clay
Rocil PT : With Controlled Particle Size,Bulk Density and Moisture the specialized grade China Clay/Kaolin is suitable for Pesticides.
CCK Super White : With excellent tinting strength, high brightness and whiteness this grade is specifically controlled for Paint, Paper, Cement, White Wares (CERAMICS)
CK RF : A functional Extender, offering good strength and rigidity specially milled for rubber.
CKPP : With Improved optical properties and enhancing the performance of paper and paint this grade is medium white levigated kaolin for paint and paper.
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