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Dolomite is Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate, in which Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate are 54.35% and 45.35% respectively or Calcium oxide and Magnesium oxide as 30.4% and 21.7% respectively. It is either white in color or brown, grey, or cream color. On the basis of the quantity of Calcium and Magnesium carbonate it is known as Calcium Dolomite , Dolomatic Limestone or Magnesium limestone.
The main use of dolomite is in steel industry, ferro manganese, as a flux, Low density convertor line, Mineral wool, beside this it is also a very important mineral and used in Fertilizers, Rubber, Paint and Extraction of Magnesium Metal.
Dolomite with high Magnesium Oxide and and less silica and iron is used in steel industry. Other than chemical composition the use of dolomite is based on it physical properties like hardness. Dolomite with calcium oxide as 30%, and magnesium oxide as 20%, and silica as less than 2% is used as tar dolomite for making Bricks.
Grade of Dolomite
Milled Grade
Dolomite 10
Dolomite 20
Dolomite 30
Dolomite 40
Dolomite 45
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