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Company Roots
We trace our earliest roots to an 1980 Chemical Trading at Pali Marwar, South west district of Rajasthan, which led to the formation of the Parekh Dye Chem. Later in 1994 Praveen Brothers Pvt Ltd was incorporated to support the trading business of chemicals as well as the Textile brand DENIYAL SUITINGS. That company later expanded in the Natural Stones and Granites Business Based in Bangalore and Rajasthan. In the year 2009 Khandela Minerals Pvt. Ltd. an another company from the same ownership was incorporated to support the Minerals and Chemical Business and subsequently, Khandela Group was evolved as the consolidated name for the entire businesses. We took on the name "Khandela" when we Incorporated Khandela Minerals Pvt Ltd in 2009. The name was changed to Khandela to convey a clearer, stronger and more unified presence around the world.
In an endeavor to keep nurturing Quality and Transparency, we always chose the path untrodden.“Excellence in quality and customer service, as the core of KHANDELA GROUP philosophy” Our core strength is the quality and the transparency we thoroughly believe in.
A red line symbolic of the logo creates and maintains the harmony among its different divisions and components. A gradual growth is shown in the line which emerges from the other; the deeper part shows the gradual progression while the end part is form uniform growth.
Progress is relative to passion to step out, seek and reach for higher avenues. The yellow line emerging from the bottom takes up a spiral route is indicative of the path of exploration and transparency, adopted by the company which is responsible for its journey thus far.
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