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Customising has always been a core to companies visionaries and it had played a pivotal role in defining Khandela Minerals as a company. We always put emphasis on developing, expanding, and delivering its expertise as quality solutions.

Micronised Minerals:

  • Calcium Carbonate (Grounded and Activated).
  • Talc
  • China clay
  • Calcinated clay
  • Diatomaceous Earth

Technical Chemicals:

  • Active H-Tone
  • Synthetic Aluminium Silicate
  • Activated Silica
  • Speciality Filter Aid.
"Technology-driven mineral solutions"

Calcined Clay

Calcined Clay is produced by heating kaolin at varied temperatures to sustain the color of kaolin, in a multi-stage process we produce an extremely fine grind of calcined kaolin. With controlled particle size distribution, our grade of calcined clay provides a better opacity and whiteness. It enhances uniformity and provides a better scrub resistance. It also works as a partial replacement of Titanium Dioxide, without any loss in dry film properties, and also has the advantage of low-cost replacement. Due to its better whiteness and opacity, this mineral has got a variety of uses 


This is a Specialized grade that helps replace Tio2 Partially, with better opacity and whiteness in paints.


To strengthen the insulating and mechanical properties, an excellent functional additive is highly suitable for PVC, uPVC, EPDM Cable, and Wires.


A cost-saving specialized grade Calcined Clay for enhancing the printing performance of Paper.


A specialized grade for high-value TPE, rubber insulation, and better strength for rubber, tubes, and conveyors.


To improve TME properties and to provide firm surfaces, with dimensional stability this grade is specially modified for Plastics and thermoplastics engineering.


CCIA: With excellent rheology control, good flatting, and improved brightness this grade is specially maintained for Ink and Adhesives.

Technical Chemicals

Active H-Tone

Resistant to Acids and Acidic PH, Active H-tone is a specially developed auxiliary for Khadi Printing in pigment base textiles, it permits problem-free process even in an acid sizing process. 

Synthetic Aluminum Silicate

A specialized Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, known as Synthetic Aluminum Silicate is a versatile product with better opacity and printability this product is suitable and mainly developed for paints, paper, and coatings.

Technical Chemical

Activated Silica – A synthetic filler specially developed to work as a reinforcing agent, falls in the category of silicates, this chemical is for all types of rubber, conveyors, and tire family.

Specialty Filter Aid

With specific permeability and a varied range of grades our Specialty Filter Aid is specifically developed which covers all types of filtration requirements for food and beverage.

ACA-20- A

synthetically developed chemical that works as an anti-caking agent in all types of soap and detergent.

Zinc Oxide

A wet-processed Zinc Oxide Suitable for all types of tires, rubber, etc.

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