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A quest for an unparalleled mineral technique made us to process minerals and merge this business as part of our group profile and as of today Companies have started to recognize and value us as one of the most reliable manufacturer of Industrial Minerals

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"Excellence in Quality and customer service, As the core of Khandela Group philosophy"

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Providing the best & customized solutions for your business requirements

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Our Specialization

Khandela Minerals offers By Far the broadest product range in the market and invest significantly in research to develop new products and technology. With the latest product development and technique as well as manufacturing technology, we have expended our portifolio and we offer our customers a complete tailor-made solution comprising minerals and technical chemicals.

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Micronized Minerals

Customized Minerals Customizing has always been a core to the company’s visionaries, and it had played a pivotal role in defining Khandela Minerals, as our belief in providing Customizing Mineral solutions, we have always put emphasis on developing, expanding, and delivering its expertise as quality solutions suitable to its area of business for each of our customer. In the process of customization, technology has always been important our team of scientists and technicians works on the guideline provided by our customers in developing a new grade or improvising established one, whether it’s a nanoparticle size or specific chemical properties we are frequent and prompt in delivering a mineral solution to all business sectors.

Technical Chemicals

We also deliver the best class Technical Chemicals used in the manufacturing of various industrial and mechanical products. These minerals can be used for the manufacture and creation of various products like paints, khadi printing, paper, coating, rubber, conveyors, food and beverage, soap and detergent, etc. 

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